Our country is at a crossroads when it comes to our children: either we guarantee access to affordable child care and pre­-K education for all families, or America’s parents, children and early childhood educators will continue to fall behind in a stacked economy that favors the wealthy and powerful.

For generations, access to quality education at every level has been the key to advancing fairness and creating equal opportunity in our country. But today high-quality child care and pre-­K is nearly impossible for most families to afford, and providers are paid poverty wages, frequently with no or inadequate benefits.

In today’s changing economy, our future depends on high-quality child care and early education that allows parents to work and raise a family and provides children with a strong start.

That’s why I’m joining the movement for highquality child care and preK for all families, and a minimum of $15/hr and a union for all workers in the industry.

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