The Child Care and Early Learning Action Hub is organizing at the state and national levels to win high-quality, affordable and flexible child care and pre-K for all. We have a three-part strategy:

  1. Wage aggressive local and state fights to win victories and demonstrate public demand, and amplify that work to tell a national story.
  2. Tell a national story that elevates the need for a comprehensive solution, and connects affordable child care and early childhood education to the broader family economic security agenda.
  3. Build a multi-year campaign that creates the public will for change, and the grassroots movement and organizing strength we need for a big national fight.

In addition to running local policy campaigns, we’re working with other national organizations to maximize the 2016 political moment to define this issue, demonstrate public support, and influence candidates, policymakers, and opinion leaders during the heightened focus created by the presidential election cycle.

During 2016 and 2017 our work will focus on: increasing the volume of state level activity and amplifying that activity to create urgency for federal action; building a constituency of parents, providers, educators, and center owners, particularly in low income and people of color communities, to lead the movement for change; conducting nationally-coordinated media and field activities that shape the national narrative; recruiting state and federal legislative champions to fight for reform in 2017; naming, defining and challenging political and corporate opponents of change; and developing campaign messages to help guide the work of state and national advocates.